Now that the last Executive Order allowing virtual public meetings has expired, we have just issued a guidance memo outlining some of the vital questions for moving forward.

Specifically, in this memo,  our UTR municipal lawyers address the following issues and questions:

  1. What RI regulations are still in effect for masks and social distancing at meetings?
  2. Can public body members continue to participate remotely in public meetings?
  3. Can the public be allowed to testify remotely in public hearings?

The full text of the memo is available here.  For more information about how recent developments may impact your particular organization, please reach out to UTR attorneys Andy Teitz, Mike Ursillo, Amy Goins or Pete Skwirz.

UTR attorneys’ municipal law experience has included representation of twelve Rhode Island cities and towns on all sides of the political aisle. Learn more about our municipal law experience here.


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