Congratulations to our client Chibi’s Choice Pet Grooming & Supply on its March 2021 profile in Providence Business News entitled “Abreu combines passions for design and canines with new dog-grooming business.”

UTR team members Scott Ritch and Troy Costa helped the East Providence start-up form its operating entity and negotiate its lease; they advised Aldo Abreu and his wife Megan on overall business practices and critical employment issues as they hired staff.

Scott and Troy frequently handle business transactions — regularly referred by CPAs, bankers and other business advisors —  for start-ups and small businesses, often working with clients on employment issues and business-centric best-practices.

PS:   In case you’re wondering “What is a chibi?”

Just as here in the United States, one may say, “Kitty Kitty” when calling after a cat one doesn’t know the name of, it is common in the Dominican Republic to say, “Chibi Chibi” when calling after a dog …

Learn more about Chibi’s Choice at its website.

See the full article here in Providence Business News.

Learn more about UTR’s Business Law practice.    Reach out to Scott Ritch or Troy Costa.

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